Author of The Wayward Irregular - Devil Men, Tobacco Pipes, and The Bacon Devotional.

Scrivener is the gospel. When you’re trying to organize all that chaos floating around your mind, the last thing you want to do is fight with your text editor — there is business to conduct, words to write! When laying out my book, the whole thing was outlined and compiled in Scrivener, this chapter moves here, another moves there, it was all so easy and encouraging. Break up your grand work into as many parts as you need to get a handle on it, and Scrivener will help put it all together for you. Now, everything I write goes in this program — every idea, every note, every concept — it’s all organized and easily accessed when I’m ready for it. Scrivener rides in on a white horse and offers a helping hand through the fog. It’s worth every penny, and perhaps even a few more.