Author of Draco’s FireBoarder Patrol (Spring 2010) and Wolves at the Gate (Fall 2010).

I’ve been a Scrivener user for more than two years. I just recently found out that you have wonderful technical support as well as wonderful software. Thank you so much!

Scrivener changed the way I write. I create a file for each scene and shuffle them in the bulletin board view until the story works, then I group them into chapters. I love that Scrivener lets me work in small pieces like this, especially when it comes time to revise a completed manuscript.

I’ve read that the best writing is transparent. Scrivener is like that. It gets out of the way and lets me work on my manuscript the way I need to work on it. I’m much more productive with Scrivener than I have been with any other software. I recommended it to my writing friends every chance I get.