Award-winning screenwriter commissioned by Warner Bros, Working Title/Universal and Film4. Also the author of Screenwriting Unchained, a bestselling book introducing his ground-breaking Story-Type Method.

As a professional screenwriter, I use Scrivener for all my projects from beginning to end: research, outline, draft, it’s completely changed the way I work. I used to manage documents in a variety of formats depending on the stage – research webpages scattered in various browsers, short documents in Word, screenplays in Final Draft. I can now keep everything tidy and immediately accessible in the same Scrivener project. Being able to use Scrivener on my iPad keeps me productive when I’m on the move. I usually export to PDF when I deliver a screenplay, but if a producer insists on Final Draft I can easily export to that format.

I love Scrivener for writing screenplays so it only felt natural to use it to pen my first non-fiction book, Screenwriting Unchained. Researching, structuring and formatting this was no small feat as the 470-page manuscript included many infographics and case studies. Scrivener made the process incredibly easy and flexible. It also made exporting to a variety of formats for eBook and print books a snap. At the moment, I’m using Scrivener to write Problem Solved!, the second volume in my Story-Type Method series, as well as a trilogy of YA novels. I even use it to write some of the blog posts on my website… Over the years, Scrivener has become a versatile, dependable creative partner. I wouldn’t want to write anything without it!