Release Notes

A list of all the changes, bug fixes and improvements that have been made in previous versions of Scapple.

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Scapple 1.4.2 24th October 2022


This contains compatibility fixes for macOS 13, Ventura. This update is recommended for all users intending to upgrade their operating system.

macOS 13 “Ventura” Compatibility

  • Override SVG drag and drop in macOS 13 to use previous behaviour of substituting a file link for the image. SVG support in macOS seems to be in an early and buggy state, so we will revisit adding native support for SVG images on the board at a future date.
  • Testing has been done against the updated text editing frameworks introduced in macOS 13.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection colour for notes was always black, regardless of system setting.


  • Support for handling unrecognised image types has been added. In such cases, a placeholder will be substituted for the image, using the same size and position, preserving the original image data in the file. This will mainly be of impact to cross-platform users who would like to take advantage of scalable SVG graphics on Windows.
  • An additional shortcut has been added for Quick Zoom (=), mainly for keyboards that lack a physical (Z) key.
  • Option-Scroll for zooming in and out on the canvas will follow system preferences for scrolling.
  • RTF and RTFD export no longer includes superfluous empty lines around optional separators.

Bug Fixes

  • Unrecognised image types will no longer be lost when editing boards that contain them.

  • Fixed bug whereby notes consisting of a single emoji character would cause a crash.

  • Fixed an issue where, for darker background boards, dynamically displaying foreground elements in white would cause the note text to be set to white. This would mean that printing or switching to a light background would cause the notes be unreadable or invisible.

    Note: this fix only impacts new notes; notes created on dark boards in the previous version will need to have their text colour cleared by hand.

  • Fixed image filename bug which would cause RTFD export to either crash or produce RTFD files without visible images.

  • Improved connection label recognition, which was previously ignoring some labels coming from boards created on Windows.

  • Replace All no longer replaces the entire note text when multiple notes were changed by it.

  • Finder QuickLook plugin fixed, which will also fixes cases of Scapple files not showing their preview when imported into a Scrivener project binder, or in the Bookmark preview pane when linked to files.

    Note: you may need to restart your system after installing the update if you do not see previews immediately.

  • Update the Internet Policy JSON file, used by Little Snitch, to include a description of the AWS connection, when downloading an update to the software.

  • Fixed a problem with Print and PDF export where determining black or white foreground elements was based on the board background colour rather than the print rendering.

  • Fixed problem where splitting a connection with a new note would delete the label on the connection.

  • Fixed issue on M1 machines whereby the text alignment buttons for new notes in preferences, and in some cases in the inspector, would trigger the wrong state when clicked.

Scapple 1.4.1 11th May 2022


The version number will be printed as "1.40.1" in the Mac App Store version.

This is an extensive overhaul of the underlying code, modernising and converting most of the codebase to Swift. As a result of adopting this new programming language from Apple, the minimum supported operating system is now macOS 10.15.0 “Catalina”.

If you have attempted to update from an older system, and find yourself with a copy that no longer runs, please visit our legacy download page to fetch an older copy of the software.

Refinements and Changes

  • Apple has changed how colours are stored and retrieved in preference files. This means that upon upgrading to this version, if applicable, you will lose your custom default new board background colour, causing the software to revert to the factory default (an off-white colour). To restore your preference, simply load any existing .scap file that used that colour, and follow the instructions provided in the user manual, in §6.1.6, Changing the Defaults for New Boards.
  • When pasting or duplicating notes (with Opt-Drag), the newly created notes are now selected, matching the behaviour used with Paste (Cmd-V).
  • Quick Zoom behaviour has been tweaked so that individual notes can be selected with simple clicks, while the Z key is held down, rather than only allowing marquee selection.
  • It is now possible to pan the board by clicking and dragging with the middle mouse button.
  • A keyboard shortcut has been added to the Notes ▸ New Background Shape (Around Selection) menu command: Opt-Cmd-G.

Bug Fixes

  • Control-click, to bring up the contextual menu in the inspector’s style list, has been fixed.
  • Bold and italic shortcuts and menu commands have been fixed to work in macOS 12+.
  • Printing legacy boards, those created in versions of Scapple prior to 1.3, now wrap text within notes properly.
  • Styles no longer display the font size in the inspector sidebar unless the font size is part of the style.
  • Dragging notes outside of the currently viewable area, such that the board would expand in its size, would not increase the scroll view size, making it impossible to pan to the notes.
  • Magnetic shapes could not be dragged to the inspector styles pane, to update or create a style from them, if other shapes or notes were dragged along with them.
  • At some zoom levels, editing notes would cause the view to snap to the top of the board making it difficult to edit larger boards.
  • On some systems the selection halo colour would revert to the system default (blue) regardless of the user’s preferred system accent colour.
  • When Default text in the New Notes preference tab was cleared, dragging new notes out of the Note Styles inspector pane would create them at minimum width instead of the established default note width.
  • Fixes have been made to better protect the board from edits, when File ▸ Prevent Editing is enabled.

Scapple 1.4.0 16th November 2020


Scapple 1.4 provides compatibility for both macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon.

Note: This is the last version of Scapple that works on macOS 10.11 thru 10.14.

Refinements and Changes

Big Sur Refinements
  • UI and icons updated to match the new look of macOS 11 Big Sur.
Apple Silicon Support
  • Scapple is now a Universal app, running natively on both Silicon and Intel machines.
Speed Enhancements
  • Optimisations to drawing boards with many notes and connections.
  • Optimisations to typing in zoomed boards with many notes.
  • Added a preference that allows you to use solid lines instead of dashes for connections without arrows.
  • Replace and Replace & Find are now disabled if there is no replacement text or if the selected text does not match the find text.
  • Note shadows are now always black and no longer invert to white when against a dark background.
  • Removed the recent search menus from the Find panel as they did not work correctly.
  • Improved Paste, so that image and multiple pastes from the Finder now work better.
  • Scapple now fixes invalid characters on paste (such as replacing tabs with spaces and page breaks with newlines).
  • Improved clean-up in XML file format for deleted notes (previously data recording which notes had arrows pointing to them could be left around after notes were deleted).
  • When using “Stack” to move notes out of one stack into another, the original stack is now adjusted and no longer leaves a gap where the removed note used to be.
  • Stacks are now maintained when notes within them are merged.
  • When pasting, if notes in a stack are selected, the pasted notes are now placed under the first selected note in the stack. (This does not apply when pasting via the contextual menu.)

Bug Fixes

  • Quick Look preview bug fixed.
  • Fixed some minor bugs relating to pasting text into Scapple.
  • Fixed bug whereby pasting text into a note would result in black text until editing ended, even if the board was set to use a custom text colour by default.
  • To work around a bug with certain fonts (such as Chalkduster) whereby descenders can draw outside of the text area, which could lead to descenders being unfaded when the rest of a note was faded, text drawing is now clipped to the text area when a note is set to be faded.

Scapple 1.3.4 12th December 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug whereby images could not be dragged in and would drag in as URLs instead.
  • Fixed bug whereby the bold and italic shortcuts may not work as expected on 10.15.
  • Fixed a drawing issue whereby the appearance of notes scrolled out of view may not be updated when edited or selected.
  • Worked around a dark mode drawing issue in the styles area of the inspector when using a background texture. The background of the styles area is now drawn dark grey when using a background texture, rather than showing the texture itself in this area.
  • Fixed bug whereby shadows drawn against background textures would be white.
  • Some performance improvements.

Scapple 1.3.3 26th June 2019

  • Scapple’s licensing and activation system has been updated to work with our new e-commerce provider, Paddle.
  • Find and Replace now allows loose punctuation (so that straight quotes will find curly quotes).
  • Reduced the minimum window width when the inspector is not shown.
  • Worked around an Apple bug whereby text turned automatically white against a dark background would become permanently dark when edited.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the background colour may not immediately be updated in areas outside of the visible area after changing the colour.
  • Fixed bug whereby the typing attributes for new notes may not be correct, and may fall back on using Helvetica black until editing ends.
  • Fixed bug whereby the Preferences panel was too short on the Mac App Store version.
  • Fixed issue with the notes count in the footer bar being placed wrong when toggling the inspector in a narrow window.
  • Fixed a bug in Replace & Find whereby the selection may be off.

Scapple 1.3.2 11th January 2019


  • Added support for Dark appearance on 10.14.
  • Space bar scrolling is now smoother when zoomed.
  • Style names in the inspector are now truncated if too long to fit, instead of wrapping.
  • Scapple is now notarised for enhanced security.
  • Scapple now uses the embedded eSellerate frameworks so that it no longer has to install separate files.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed scaling option from printing for now given that this did not work anyway.
  • Fixed bug whereby hiding and showing footer bar would cause footer bar to be shown behind the Inspector.
  • Fixed bug whereby setting the floating colour palette to active focus would disconnect it from colour settings in the inspector.

Scapple 1.3.1 30th November 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a crashing issue on systems older than 10.10.

Scapple 1.3 20th November 2017

Additions and Enhancements

Make Connections
  • You can now label connections between notes. To do so, select two notes and choose “Connection Label…” from the “Notes” or contextual menu. Double-click on an existing label to edit it.
Updated UI
  • The Inspector has been modernised and now appears as a sidebar rather than as a floating panel.
  • The footer bar and other UI elements have been refreshed for a more modern appearance.
Note Styles
  • You can now assign note styles via the inspector using the new “Note Styles” palette.
  • Create new note styles by dragging notes into the inspector.
  • Drag a style out of the inspector to create a new note of that style.
  • You can now assign the keyboard shortcuts Cmd-Opt-1 to Cmd-Opt-9 to note styles.
  • A “Scapple” folder now appears in iCloud Drive.
  • Holding down Shift and Command in Movement Mode now speeds up moving notes even more than just holding down Shift.
  • New options added to align notes horizontally or vertically in background notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Tiled background images should now appear the same when exporting and printing as in the UI.
  • Quick Look previews now appear correctly on High Sierra.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Scapple 1.2 15th October 2014


Yosemite Compatible

Bug fixes and minor refinements for Yosemite support.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug whereby colour palette popovers would contain a large, empty grey area on Yosemite.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing the text colour of a note while editing it would not update the insertion point colour.
  • When notes are faded, their shadows are now also faded.
  • Fixed bug whereby arrows might not be drawn correctly when drawing fell across fractional pixels.
  • Fixed bug whereby notes count label could disappear beneath the zoom slider during window resizing.
  • Fixed bug whereby editing could suddenly end when editing a note at the edge of the view when the board was scaled.
  • Hopefully fixed bug whereby notes that inherited the fill colour of a background shape would be filled with too dark a colour when the background shape was faded.

Scapple 1.1 23rd October 2013

Refinements and Changes

Mavericks Compatible
  • Enhanced for Mavericks, including support for tags and responsive scrolling.
  • When creating a new note with Cmd-Return, the new note now maintains the indent level of the selected note.
  • Showing or hiding the footer bar will now determine the setting for new documents.
  • Added View > Page Guides, which provides guides showing where page boundaries will fall when printing.
  • Minor changes to file format and file reading for compatibility with Windows version.
  • Scapple now drags out rich text to Scrivener (requires Scrivener 2.5).
  • Rearranged inspector for consistency.
  • When exporting only selected notes, only the selected items in a stack are now exported (previously the whole stack beneath the first note selected in it would be exported).
  • Export now prioritises stack order over cluster order.
  • When notes are stacked, they now always maintain their left alignment with other notes in the stack, even when auto-sizing is enabled and the notes are right- or centre-aligned.
  • When splitting a note, the new note now uses the default note width rather than the width of the note it was split from while editing.
  • The Preferences panel now applies changes when it loses focus even if the focus was still in one of its text fields.
  • Indenting notes is now limited so that you cannot indent so much that a note’s text disappears.
  • When double-clicking to create a new note, the placement of the note will now depend on the default alignment as set in the Preferences.
  • Notes created by double-clicking on lines now use the default note style rather than the style of one of the connected notes, even if “Use selected note style for new notes” is set in the Preferences.
  • You can now drag any file type onto the canvas. Notes containing links will be created for files other than text or image files.
  • You can now drag URLs onto the canvas from web pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug whereby the board would not reload when versions were restored.
  • Fixed bug whereby notes set to use black text colour would always use the default text colour.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “z” QuickZoom shortcut didn’t work on all international keyboards.
  • Fixed bug whereby printing documents with coloured or patterned backgrounds may result in the arrows or text not being visible in the print-out (or exported PDF) because the text would always be black and the connecting lines would use the default text colour regardless of whether the background was set to be printed or not.
  • Fixed bug whereby connecting lines did not use default text colour.
  • Fixed bug whereby quitting the app while editing a note would cause the edits to that note to be lost.
  • Fixed bug whereby Paste would not work for images on the clipboard.
  • Fixed minor bug whereby auto-sizing wouldn’t work if you changed the font size while a note was being edited.
  • Fixed bugs affecting stacks when used with right-to-left direction.
  • Fixed display bug which would cause the window to appear before it was fully set up.
  • Fixed bug whereby double-clicking on a line inside a shape would create a new note that was not connected to the line.
  • Fixed bug whereby alignment and indent was lost when pasting text into a note.
  • Fixed bug whereby the default alignment set in the Preferences wouldn’t be applied when using Apply Note Style > Default Note Style.
  • Shadows at the edges of the board no longer get clipped when printing or generating a PDF or PNG.