can't edit labels or statuses in outline view[BUG LOGGED]

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if you attempt to change a label or status in outline view - double clicking and selecting from a drop down menu - it simply pops back to "no status" or "no label" once you click off of it. All other drop down things in outline view work fine, such as editing true or false values for being included in draft.

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Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:41 am Post

I have the same problem with Labels in outline view. I have edited labels to have different color boxes for my POV characters. In outline view,

1. I click on the label for an outline line, nothing happens, display remains "No Label"
2. I click a second time and it changes to "x No Label" and drop down menu arrow appears
3. I click the drop-down menu, select a character name, and the display changes to my character/s name with the coloured box
Changed label
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4. I move my cursor off that line and the display slips back to "No Label". It won't "stick"
Moved cursor and label reverts
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I was having the same issue, I had to go edit this information on the cork board.
I am running Scrivener Beta 1.4 onWindows XP Home Edition w/ Service Pack 3 installed on a Acer Aspire One netbook computer. I am also running it on Windows Vista Home Basic on a Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop.

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Hmm, this is an older bug that got fixed... and now it has re-surfaced. Thanks for catching it!
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