[LH4653] [RC8]"find and replace"-“replace all” is not work

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the "replace all "unable to work normally

So I can't replace some words in batch

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huajiu wrote:QQ图片20200724172504.png

the "replace all "unable to work normally

So I can't replace some words in batch

I can confirm this issue. Replace All does not work. Additionally, there is a problem with the Replace All Scope. The "Entire Document" scope does nothing when doing a "Replace All"; however, both "Replace" and "Replace & Find" do work with the "Entire Document" scope - you just have to step through each instance (as expected). If you are only looking to narrow the scope to a "Selected Text" area (as you would expect the scope to contain) however, clicking "Replace" or "Replace & Find" to step through will actually replace ALL of the selected text with your replacement. I would expect that it would step through the selected text for the "Find" criteria - it seems to ignore the find criteria when the scope is "Selected Text". Again, the "Replace All" button does not work with either "Replace All Scope" parameters.
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This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.