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It would be great to have some educational videos explaining how to use/integrate scrivener with endnote, zotero or mendeley as is it possible to set them as default reference software on scrivener.
Explanantion of the main functions: quoting, bibliography, styles...

Some (many) users are for sure university students or in academia.


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We haven't got a video but Section 20.4 - Bibliography Management - of the manual (available from the Help menu in Scrivener) does cover how to integrate software like Zotero .

And if you google 'how to use zotero with scrivener' you will find YouTube videos and posts on Zotero forums etc which may also help.

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There isn't really very much to learn about "integration", in my view. I used Scrivener 2 and Bookends to write a PhD thesis of around 85,000 words. The major work involves finding the references and entering them into whatever bibliographic manager you choose. It never seems to be an easy process, and the entries always seem to need tweaking in some way. After that, it is simply a question of inserting a temporary citation into the text you are writing (usually something that looks like {Smith, 2007, #123}) and plough on with the writing. You may even find that you remember citations you use a lot, and can type them without switching to the bibliographic manager. Switching back and forth is pretty quick (Command-Tab on a Mac, or you might use Command-Y, if that is what is supported by the bibliographic manager). When you have finished writing you then compile your masterpiece as RTF, and scan it with the bibliographic manager, which converts all your temporary citations to the right format, and constructs the bibliography for you. If you want to change from Harvard to APA or something like that, you just do the scan again, and it is job done. It took a matter of minutes to do that with my thesis. If you want to learn about styles and the like, you need to consult the Help for the bibliographic manager, not Scrivener.
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