Bug deleted all of my pictures

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Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:34 am Post

I have a lot of inspiration photos copy/pasted onto the body of one of my folders. However, just a minute ago, after I added the latest picture, the photos had turned into an icon of a blank folder. I tried closing Scrivener and opening it, and all the pictures except for the last have disappeared! How do I access a previous save file to recover my lost media?

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Before you do anything drastic, try opening the file on another computer. I just so happen to be looking through the forum now because of the same problem. BUT...

My main computer is a Windows 10 desktop, latest updates and all. I also have a laptop, same setup. I have directly copied my Scrivener settings from one computer to the other so that my interface and formats are all the same.

Every picture I put in my folders yesterday are invisible today on my desktop...but visible on my laptop. A cursory run through my brain for possibilities leads me to the graphics driver, but the desktop has an NVidia video card, and my laptop just so happens to have a very similar NVidia graphics card in it, slightly less-powerful, but each are running the very same driver versions.

So I'd guess that your pics are still there...just invisible. Try this...click somewhere in the general area where one of the pics would be. If your cursor disappears, I think the pic is there but not visible. I haven't been able to manipulate anything in those areas though (copy, paste, etc.).

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Matter of hiding it unintenionally..Check your settings,their a option must be available to unhide stuff..So yeah it would solve your problem