Bug or Feature on auto-saves?

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Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:48 am Post

Under options/general/saving I've set autosave to 300 seconds.
however if I make a change then close the project and re-open, the change I made has been saved.

Is scrivener doing a 'save-on-close' operation, or is it ignoring my manually-set auto-save period?

Personally I'd prefer not to have a 'save-on-close' feature, then if I make a huge mistake I can abandon it by simply closing my document without saving, feeling confident that at least all my work upto the last auto-save has been secured.

yes, I know about snapshots and backups, but snapshots depend on the idea that I'm in a planned edit phase, and restoring a backup incurs the loss of my whole session.

eg: You decide you want to insert a few paras in the middle of a chapter you've just typed in the current session, but you don't notice that you're in in 'Overwrite' mode instead of 'Insert' mode. Okay, you can use UNDO, but it's a LOT of undo's to do... one for each character you typed while in Overwrite.

Or am I just being 'picky'?

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Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:40 pm Post

We can't have everything, it would make the program 100 times more complex. You already made the suggestion of backups and snapshots. That is what they are for.

However, I personally had a problem the other day when titles and info were cleared in Corkboard mode because I pressed two keys that went to the next card and cleared them. There was no undo in Corkboard mode. This is the feature we should be asking for - undo in every mode.