Chapter numbers bumped up in compile

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Hello all,

I'm compiling into PDF format and for some reason all my chapters have moved up a number. My chapter 1 documents start in chapter 2. I don't have any blank text before chapter 1, so I don't understand why compile would insert a blank chapter 1 before bumping my real chapter 1 up to chapter 2. The only tabs above chapter 1 are Novel Format, and Manuscript. Any advice on making chapter 1 actually appear as chapter 1 in the PDF?

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Are you using numerical placeholders for anything other than chapter numbers?

For example, if your work came in several Parts and you were using numbering placeholders also for the start page of each part, then, unless you separated the numbering into two streams, you might see the effect you are seeing.

Another place placeholders might occur is in your compile settings.

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