Keeping a copy of Scrivener 1

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Fri May 17, 2019 11:43 pm Post

Today I installed the Scrivener BETA 2.9.17

The Tutorial said:
You will probably want to keep a copy of Scrivener 1 installed for working with your important projects. This is okay to do, you’ll need to install the beta into a different folder when asked where to do so.

As the Software Engineer I am, I did that of course in advanced. What I did not expect is that my Scrivener 1 Link disappeard from Windows 10 start menu. :oops:

Surprised by that I first thought that the BETA Installer uninstalled/replaced my former Scrivener installation.

But why should the programers mention that note in the tutorial manual? :?:

I checked my hard disk drive and found both folders peacefully sidy by side. I clicked on the old version of scrivener.exe and Scrivener 1 opened as it should. :idea:

If the same thing happened to you, search for the scrivener 1 folder on your hard disk drive. If you did not change the location during the instalation process, it might be "c:\program files\scrivener". :!: :!:

You should find the scrivener.exe located there and could recreate a new start menu link with a right click on the program file. In the menu you should find an option to pin it to the start menu. :mrgreen:

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Sat May 18, 2019 3:16 am Post

From the beta notes in the pinned post at the top of this forum:

Installing 1.9.9 and 3.0 Beta Side by Side
It is possible to have both 1.9.9 and the Scrivener 3.0 beta installed simultaneously, but you will need to choose a different location during the installation process (e.g. change the default "Scrivener" folder name to "Scrivener3"). We suggest also changing the name of 1.9.9 shortcuts before installing Scrivener 3 to prevent the new installation overwriting them.

Please note that at this time, only the most recently installed Scrivener version will appear in the Windows Programs list, and double-clicking a project file will attempt to open it in that version. You can instead drag the project file icon onto the appropriate app icon for the version you want or use File > Open... within Scrivener to access the project.

Scrivener Support Team