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It seems to me that I had to do a few jiggly things to make the backup go to the right place the last time I upgraded Scriv. Now that I have 3, the whole pathway doesn't seem to exist. Or at least, I can't find the backup with a search and the various files/directories have iterations in slightly different locations that don't quite lead to the right place, as per the the string in Finder that says where the backup is supposed to be located. I've forgotten what I had to do in the past...any suggestions, directions?

Screenshots below. I think I am using the default directory location in Scriv preferences. /Users/claudiaputnam/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups. As you can see, there are some steps missing. I can do it another way, but there are other steps missing. I can click open backup file, but in the case when a large file disappeared, it didn't appear there. Though other files do. In any case, I would like to know how to GET to that file regardless.

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There are two Library folders on a Mac. One in the root and one in the Users folder. That graphic shows that you are looking in the wrong one. You need to go to the Users folder THEN Library.
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It is generally much easier to get to your Scrivener support folder by using the main Scrivener ▸ Reveal Support Folder in Finder menu command. And of course, for finding your backups specifically, as they are configured in preferences, there is a button in the Backup preference pane that takes you right to wherever they are. That won’t help you’re looking for wherever they were in 2.x though, unless you’ve always used default settings I suppose.
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