Historical Fiction

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Old writer, newly minted college student at Mount Holyoke. One year down and received a research grant for my book. Lots of questions, new to Scrivener. Hope you won't mind ;-)

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Hello. I'm new here too.

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Folks here are remarkably forthcoming with answers to questions, from technical arcana to the proper listening music for writers. Though the first questions are often answered by variations on a Did-You-Do-The-Inbuilt-Tutorial? theme.

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MR - I'm also new to Scrivener, and new to Historical Fiction. Although I've published three nonfiction books, this feels like baby steps. I just spent an hour figuring out how to make new character sketches!

Good to have a friend out there.

I'll be at the Writers Digest Novel Writing Conference in Pasadena this week - hopefully will come home ready to go. I'm going to use NaNoWriMo to kick start my book

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I do historical fiction as well. Infinitely harder than freeform fiction. I estimate that I've spent 12 hours researching for every 1 spent writing.
I'm at 160k words so far, with a long way to go, but I'm well over the hump on research now, the further I move along the less I will need to research and the more I can write.

How is yours coming along?

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I too write historical fiction, or something to that direction anyway. I have been fan for history as long as I remember, been reading actual history and fiction for ages. Much comes from there what I remember, and its a true.. really much goes when you search something...
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