Hello, I am a user from China.

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Hello, I am a user from China.
Because my English is not very good, so the following text is written using Google Translate.
If you have inaccurate expression, please understand.
I use the windows, yesterday downloaded the beta, very easy to use, especially the search function, and finally will not be stuck.
But now there are a few problems in use to ask and feedback about:
1, there are many test version of the menu, set no Simplified Chinese, I look a bit difficult.
2, set the body of the font format, and IOS end synchronization font has changed (the old version also has this problem). After resetting the fonts, the newline becomes another font.
3, multiple choice (select more than one label) case, the text can not be edited, the old version can be edited. I often choose to display multiple documents in the same editor.
4, the style selection can only click on the small arrow down to expand the menu.
5, the word count can set a statistical characters, not words? Because Chinese statistics in the characters. Remember the old version is there.
6, it seems that the statistics of the number of words per day are not accurate ...
7, can not like the word, the number of words selected statistics, sometimes I want to know how many words a certain period.
For now, look scrivener getting better.
I do not know Google translation is accurate, so the original attached.

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I did not understand all of your questions but for those I hopefully understood here are my answers:

3. I think you are referring to scrivenings mode. And yes, the current beta version does not allow editing in scrivenings mode - this an often mentioned bug which will be solved by all means at least before the official Release.

4. You can also open a styles panel via menu or by typing Ctrl + G, Ctrl + E and then pick the appropriate style from there:
img_019.png (27.14 KiB) Viewed 2256 times

5. You can set/select your target/statstics as Words or Characters, both for manuscript, session and document:
img_020.png (31.22 KiB) Viewed 2256 times

7. If you select some text and then right click, the pop up menu will display the number of selected characters and words at the bottom:
img_021.png (21.75 KiB) Viewed 2256 times

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Thanks for your help, solved my problem, thanks.
Because scrivener users in China is relatively small, and the mac version of the windows version is not the same, many features I did not find a description, only to explore their own.
Many of the original features already exist.
Got it.