Another way to cite in scrivener with zotero

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I started a few month ago to use scrivener for my work at the university and enjoy the process but had problems with the missing citation system. First I read about the RDF scan (zotero), but that's to complicate and I want to write in markdown so I stick to .txt. Then I found but is was really slow.
I created a small shell script by myself which copies the citekey into the clipboard and you just press strg+v and paste your citation. Maybe others like that or even knew a better way :)

My writing process with this looks like that:
* Writing in Scrivener with Zotero for Bibliography
* Export First Draft to .markdown
* Finishing in Markdown Editor
* Export with pandoc

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# Requirements
# To use this script you need: Zotero + Better BibTex plugin, xclib and curl.
# Output format
# Better BibTex can export your citations in different styles, be sure to choose the right one.
# Standart output format of this script is the pandoc format e.g. @key1; @key2

BBT_status=$(/usr/bin/curl 'http://localhost:23119/better-bibtex/cayw?probe=probe' 2>/dev/null)

if [ $BBT_status = "ready" ] 2>/dev/null; then
    # curl $ZOTERO_URL | xclip -selection -c
    curl http://localhost:23119/better-bibtex/cayw?format=$BBT_format | xclip -selection c
    notify-send "Check if Zotero is open and Better BibTex addon is installed"

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ptolemeaus, could you post a pic showing what the output looks like in a Scrivener footnote? Thx, k