Scrivener is way more difficult than I expected

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If you need to, you can stick post-it notes all over the individual documents, you can scribble in the margins, you can use colored flags to remind you where you are. (Labels, Status, Keywords, Document Notes, Annotations and Comments.) You can be as messy or as organized as you like, working from a neat Chapter by Chapter outline, or writing scenes at random and shuffling them around every other day.

Then again ... what if you have a large projec, lots of induvidual documents, outlines, research.
And you have indeed made comments all over the place. How do you go trough them all? In the tutorials I found, it seemed so easy, all the comments was in one list in the inspector, and they worked as a book mark. But for me, only the comments in the document currently at hand was visible ... I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the mac-version has so much more. It's not very easy learning a software where most of the tutorials on youtube is showing you features you don't have.

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You are missing Scrivenings mode. The Inspector will show you comments for whatever is currently loaded in the editor, which could be a single document or could be the entire manuscript. Select the documents you want in the Binder and then View -> Scrivenings should give you what you want.

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The OP is on Windows; is that also true on Windows, given the limitations of Scrivenings View in Windows?

Just asking.

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Ah, good point. Just checked.

In the Windows version, the Inspector's Footnotes and Comments pane will match whatever document actually has the cursor. So as you scroll through a Scrivenings session, comments will appear and disappear. Ditto the Document Notes pane.

In the Mac version, you'll see the whole list of Comments for all the documents in the Scrivenings session, but the Document Notes for only the current document.

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just an update to the message (from CityDog - Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:08 am)
pointing to David Hewson.
here is the URL to several postings from David:

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Yes, Scrivener can be difficult for new users. My suggestion to you would be keep patience and keep learning Scrivener. Once you get used to it, it will be fun using and less time-consuming.