The Dark (NiaD 2011)

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Detective Nick Scott is called to the scene of a fatal house fire at a remote holiday cottage. With the only survivor in the psychiatric wing of the local hospital, Nick faces a struggle to uncover what actually happened before the fire broke out.

Get a copy for free here:
ePub version
Kindle version
pdf version

All of the versions were compiled by KB using the Mac version of Scrivener. You can download the Scrivener project (which includes all the chapter briefs sent out to participants) and compile formats that were used to generate these files below. Please note that, although the Scrivener project can be opened in either the Mac or Windows versions, the compile format presets are Mac-only.

The Dark - Scrivener Project
The Dark - Mac Compile Presets (E-Book and PDF formats)

Barry Lees
Brian Beker
Claire Woodier
Dianne Margaret Williams
Don Mitchell
Elizabeth Mead
Ioa Petra’ka
James Ravan
Katherine Williams
Kaylie S. Addams
Keith Blount
Maria Dascalu
Matt Tobin
Michael Bywater
Montree Whiles
Olivia Obscura
Pete Becker
Phil Sheehan
R. Dale Guthrie
Ron Ward
Sue Cowling
Tim Rogers
Victoria Griesdoorn
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