README document post-install

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Wed May 21, 2014 12:53 am Post

I just installed Scrivener for Windows v1.7.0.6 (beta), and immediately after install, Scrivener offered to display a "README" document---sorry, I do not know where this document is actually located. except that it appears to NOT exist anywhere within the install directory under "Program Files (x86)".

Anyway, the README document begins by saying, "Thank you for downloading Scrivener for Windows. Please take a moment to read this document before installing." It continues with several other statements about the procedure for installation.

Post-install documents should be aware of their of their own context, i.e., that they are not displayed to the user until after installation is complete. If this was intended to be viewed as a pre-install document, it did not display at the proper time. My o.s. is Windows 8.0 Pro.

Please pass this on for the final cut.