warning error during compile

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Sat May 17, 2014 5:53 pm Post

Many thanks! The only image is the cover. None of the files or folders have images. Might the cover be the issue?

tiho_d wrote:Hi jwnelson! The message that you see contains messages generated from the kindlegen tool used to generate the mobi book. From the message I can see that it complains about some files. The name of the file is strange and reminds me of an old bug with Image files that got exported with strange files names similar to the one in the image. It was a bug that was corrected in the latest Beta versions, but if you had imported from the Web via Copy/Paste you might still get some strange image names. I would recommend finding out which document is causing these warnings, then check the image names within that file. The images should have some useful names, or only letters and numbers. If they have strange symbols and characters, feel free to rename them after your taste.

If you see that warning, most probably some images(2 in your case) will be missing from the final mobi book. Hope this helps to generate a warning free mobi book, jwnelson.

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Sun May 18, 2014 6:44 am Post

It looks like the cover compiles fine, jwnelson. You can test it via creating another blank project with one document and few words inside, the same cover image and try to compile to mobi. If you get the same error it is the cover, causing the problem. If not, it is some document within your compiled project. Please, let us know your findings, jwnelson.