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Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:37 pm Post

Siren wrote:
Jaysen wrote:I do NOT recommend the Atmel ATMega or ATXMega data sheets.

I will bear that in mind, Jaysen. Thank you for the warning! ;)

Most welcome. I could provide a long list of titles to avoid. A long list. I can provide you a clue to let you know when it is time to "drop it and run". If the word "datasheet" appears in the title you have wandered into a part of the universe best left to people that are already crazy. Otherwise you will soon be among the ranks of the crazed.

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Hrmm. My summer reading and my winter reading look remarkably the same. So does my fall and spring reading, for that matter. As such, I don't really have a list of summer reading books, so much as an impossibly long series of books I shall never reach the end of, much like top of the wrong escalator.

I've finally succumbed to the time-eating black hole of the series A Song of Ice and Fire, so I sympathize with your unfinished series despair, Siren. One book down, four (for now) to go.

Then there's Abaddon's Gate, which turns out to actually have a literal (in the original sense of the word) gate at its center. Very much appreciating the efforts of it's authors.

Concurrent with Abaddon's Gate, I'm about to finish Ready Player One, which I'm enjoying for the usual nostalgia it engenders in nerds of a certain age. It reads like a (somewhat) more mature version of Snow Crash.

Of the even 50 in my (I actually plan) to-read list, I haven't decided on my next selection. Maybe the latest Clockwork Century installation, The Inexplicables, since I've already got it on my shelf. But that probably doesn't count, seeing as I may not finish it before the end of Summer; I tend to take sips from a number of fountains unless a book really sucks me in.
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