Aeon Timeline - "Information Overload" Ideas

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Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:17 am Post

(I didn't want to clutter Matt's Aeon Timeline announcement thread, which is why I'm posting this here.)

One way could be to implement "nested events". For example, A war (event with a time span) could contain sub-events for various notable battles, each of which might contain sub-events for heroic actions, brave deaths and so on. On the vertical view, any of these can intersect the various Entities, and the "parent" or "container" event "inherits" these, so that if the user collapses the event, then the overall "War" event still shows who's involved, where it took place, and so on.

Collapsing/expanding these containers could then be driven by the zoom level of the timeline, with the user having the option to expand or collapse individual containers manually (via a small disclosure triangle).

I probably need to mock up a screen or two to illustrate what I mean... :)