script mode - greys out after two switches [BUG LOGGED]

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After switching from the default editing mode to script mode, either by clicking Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode or using the ctrl+m shortcut and then switching back, the option will become greyed out and unusable, and the shortcut will no longer work either. This is document specific so simply selecting a seperate document in the binder will allow you to change to script mode and back for that document, and when you return to the original document the problem will have gone away.

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I can confirm this one, and here's a screenshot(attached to the post).
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Hitting Ctrl + M to toggle in and out of Screenwriting mode only works twice.

1 - Hit Ctrl +M, screenwriting mode turns on
2 - Hit Ctrl +M again, screenwriting mode turns off
3 - Hit Ctrl +M another time and nothing happens. Document stays in standard form no matter how many times Ctrl + M is pushed.

Switching to another document allows Ctrl + M to work for the new document, but again, only twice. Switching back to the original document seems to reset the Ctrl + M limit - you can toggle that document again, but only twice.

note: going to Format -> Screenwriting in a fresh document shows the Script Mode-Screenplay option as activated. But like the Ctrl + M feature, this option only works twice before it is grayed out and unusable. Changing to a new document reboots the feature.

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hey mod, do you want to merge this with the existing & similar bug?

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Thanks everyone - bug has been noted and logged for fixing :)