Development Path

Which feature would you like to see implemented next?

Linked Events (B comes 1 year after A, regardless of where you drag A)
Non-linear narrative (see documentation)
Story-arcs/Multiple timelines (see documentation)
Fantasy Dates
Better GUI customization (eg. for small screens, saving state, more show/hide options)
Age-less/Birthday-less participants
Continuity warnings (someone is 2 places at once, doing something after dead, etc.)
Replace colour with labels, and add tags for searching/filtering.
Improve timeline appearance (you must specify how!)
No votes
Other (please specify what in reply)
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Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:28 am Post

I am just trying to work out the development path over the next month or so. Obviously, the first step will be to release a new 'bug fix' release (0.1.2) that fixes the problems reported so far. This will provide the greatest usability for the existing features.

Beyond that, I have a long list of planned features (see the documentation) and several more to be added as a result of recent suggestions etc. What I am now trying to do is to sort them into some kind of order. Part of the decision will be based on through-put, as I would tend to do shorter jobs first, and part on the maturity of the idea (i.e. is it still too vague in my mind).

But I also wish to introduce the features that would be the most useful to users right now. In the poll, vote for the 2 things that you would like to see implemented next - and reply to let me know why you voted that way.


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Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:39 am Post

Hi Matt,

I voted for the non linear narrative and the multiple timeline arcs. I have a feeling that they may not be the shortest jobs for you on the list, but in terms of writing they seem to me the most important - all the rest is icing to me.

Both of those features do what I think a timeline for writers should do - make it clear what happens when, and why.

The non-linear narrative feature is in many ways the "edit scrivenings" of timelines. The chronology is the binder, and the plot points are the scrivenings. We all use timelines of some description to keep the story straight. The non-linear narrative feature would then help us to make it crooked and interesting.

And multiple timelines - following the Tolkien analogy further: Frodo and Sam see the Nazgul over the dead marshes and Legolas (or Aragorn, I can't recall, but you get my drift) felt a darkness pass overhead on the same day. On the surface an easy thing to do - just go back and put the Legolas/Aragorn bit in - one line. Simple.

But that's one big book, and the dates, no matter the story arc, always match up if they are studied (and they are studied by many).

Multiple timelines, I think, would allow the rest of us to effortlessly add glosses such as that to our own work.

Well that's my 2c anyway,