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Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:56 pm Post


As many of you may know, one Scrivener user, Matt Tobin, has been working on a new timeline application called Aeon Timeline. This application grew out of discussions on this very forum, here:

On Scrivener, Storymill and the value of Timelines

Now that Matt is at the point of releasing a beta, I have said that I will create a temporary subforum here where Matt can post betas (which I'll be hosting for the time being) and get feedback throughout the beta-testing stages. Eventually I'm sure Aeon Timeline will get its own web page and forums, but given that it grew out of discussions here then I'm more than happy to have it here until that time comes.

I would just like to stress, though, that Aeon Timeline is nothing to do with me (or Literature & Latte for that matter), so please don't e-mail me with any questions about it - everything should be directed to Matt. Nor am I setting a precedent here - the "Software by Other Folk" forum remains a place to discuss software created by other companies, and not a place for other companies to post their software or advertise... This is a unique case in which a Scrivener user has created a piece of software through discussion with other Scrivener users on these forums (which I think is very cool).

So, good luck to Matt and I hope his timeline app grows into something special that most of those who took part in the discussions are happy with. I'll be handing over this subforum to Matt from here on in.

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