Fall of Western Civilization, Was Has Windows Version 3 Been Scrapped?

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Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:21 pm Post

Oh dear. I've done it now.

My point was not to promote my opinion.

My point was not to say that my opinion is more valid than my neighbour's. (Though of course I believe it so, else it would not be my opinion.)

Each opinion, of everyone participating in this thread, is a model of reality, which each of us uses to navigate the world. By necessity, it is an incomplete model, for my brain, at least, is much less complex than reality. And the more connected that opinion is to our survival (subjectively), the more vehemently each of us attempts to defend that opinion.

I'm sorry I touched a raw nerve. But this does illustrate my real point – that most of what passes for Internet discussion (and even face-to-face discussion of current events) is "pig voice lessons". That no matter how educated and well-informed each of us is, in the end we are seldom persuaded by others' arguments, and the true evil is the bitterness and divisions that come from our ill-advised, often manipulative, attempts to prove our own views "right".

Reality is the ultimate arbiter. History is the final judge. Ten years from now, we as a society will be able to look back at this pandemic and ask, "Which policy produced the highest death rates? Which the lowest economic damage? If they are different, how can we balance these going forward?" and have a hope of coming up with a model that more closely reflects the reality of dealing with a global pandemic. In the meantime, we just make ourselves crazy giving each other pig voice lessons.

The damage is not to my neighbour (who goes on with her own personal policy.) The damage is to me and my own peace of mind from my decision to "attempt to teach a pig to sing."

In short, I agree with Jaysen's position, but have come to it from a totally different direction. The only person over whose behaviour I have control is – me. If I wish to have a content and useful life I must refrain from attempts to control others' views. By any means whatsoever.

And this is my opinion only. which I will not attempt to further defend lest I disturb my own peace of mind.
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Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:55 pm Post

Conversations on the internet are largely public, though, which adds another wrinkle. I may not convince the holder of an opinion, but I might convince other witnesses to the conversation. That's both the opportunity and the trap.

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Wed Sep 23, 2020 6:42 pm Post

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Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:41 am Post

Oh David, Snopes is a propaganda tool of the progressive liberal elites, don't you know?
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