What are you writing?

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Nothing ! im blocked, im going to do some side activities

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I just last night finished the final chapter of my 72,000 word speculative theological romantic fantasy crime fiction novel...entitled Guardian Angel. Sample chapter attached.

Now to sell it. And can anyone recommend a good editor?
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Terence Malinowski wrote:Hi! I am a writer from a small town Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States of America. I begin my writing career, if I may say so, at school, where I read a lot of books and that provide my love to different stories. I started with the simplest essays for my classmates. Then I go to college, where I have less time than in school. But I needed more knowledge and experience in writing, so I continue help for students, but for money. When you are a student, it's a nice way to earn some money and experience at the same time. So I write lab reports, dissertations and a lot of other types of writing works. Soon, I start to write my first story. it's about a blind rider who didn’t win the championship, but won more, he won the faith in himself and the people. It's a short story, but I think is very touching. Then I write other small stories, about the future that was the past, about the love in another galactic and other weird stories) At 4 course, I want something bigger. I start to write my own book. But I underestimated how difficult it is. At once, I think, maybe I started it for nothing? I had depression. My friend recommends me to find a professional writer, who can help me with this hard work. Who gives me the answer to all my questions. I search on the internet, on different forums, but it was unsuccessfully. After a few months, I found PaidPaper, review service of writing services. So I check every website and found one guy. He is a student, but he has so big library of ideas in his head. We cooperate and continue to write my book. We have not complete yet, but It is continuing my last story about the future in the past. It's very difficult to describe to you what that means and I don't know If I will publish this book. I need more time and money for that. Thanks for attention)

Hi everyone! Truly saying, I understand your story. 100%. When I was making my first steps in writing, I faced many challenges, including writer's block, anxiety and depression. I don't remember what led me to get out of myself and see the person in depression, full of anxiety that I had become, but once I did, I was able to start taking steps to get out of it. I needed to see a therapist from trustsession.com to get over all this stuff. Fortunately, right now everything is okay. I've published my 3 books and I'm more than happy to share my stories with others.

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I am working on a pet project. The world building has gone wonderfully! This is a story of magic and finding ones place in the world. It is a YA/New adult portal fantasy that takes place on an earth-like planet. :D