What are you writing?

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Thinking of resuming the work on my vampire novel which I put on hold when the Twilight sage boomed :mrgreen:
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I was inspired by the biographies of Maria Theresa, Buddha, Nelson Mandella and decided to write about volunteering, creating a collective image of the hero of our time. Such a modern Don Quixote, who fights for the rights of the majority against the system. But the more I write, the more I become convinced that hardly a happy ending awaits him.
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I wrote a detective novel that came close to being published but was shot down eventually. To cleanse my pallet I am now writing a scifi adventure novella of which I am certain no-one will publish it. Just something for myself. I'll get back to 'serious' stuff after that.

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I met someone at a party who said a friend was making quite good money writing erotica and selling it on Amazon. Well, I rushed home and stopped working on the great novel.
Thirty-two days and 82,000 words later I uploaded 'The FIFI CODE: A novel of love and lust for people who love people'. It was fun and writing quickly gave me new insights into how I could change my writing practices.
Needless to say, I was probably the last one through the erotic genre door. To say it is overcrowded would be an understatement. Sold very few so far although I'm ordering author copies and selling through a local bookshop quite well.
Meanwhile, thanks to Scrivener, I'm back on the big work which I think will now benefit from my momentary affair with Fifi.


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Good old Pirate Adventure
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I’m working on a novel. It’s a YA fantasy, the protagonist is a highschool girl from Transylvania, who was adopted by a shepherd.

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taking a break so I can find out why my books are not selling.

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Hi! I am a writer from a small town Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States of America. I begin my writing career, if I may say so, at school, where I read a lot of books and that provide my love to different stories. I started with the simplest essays for my classmates. Then I go to college, where I have less time than in school. But I needed more knowledge and experience in writing, so I continue help for students, but for money. When you are a student, it's a nice way to earn some money and experience at the same time. So I write lab reports, dissertations and a lot of other types of writing works. Soon, I start to write my first story. it's about a blind rider who didn’t win the championship, but won more, he won the faith in himself and the people. It's a short story, but I think is very touching. Then I write other small stories, about the future that was the past, about the love in another galactic and other weird stories) At 4 course, I want something bigger. I start to write my own book. But I underestimated how difficult it is. At once, I think, maybe I started it for nothing? I had depression. My friend recommends me to find a professional writer, who can help me with this hard work. Who gives me the answer to all my questions. I search on the internet, on different forums, but it was unsuccessfully. After a few months, I found PaidPaper, review service of writing services. So I check every website and found one guy. He is a student, but he has so big library of ideas in his head. We cooperate and continue to write my book. We have not complete yet, but It is continuing my last story about the future in the past. It's very difficult to describe to you what that means and I don't know If I will publish this book. I need more time and money for that. Thanks for attention)

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I'm writing a YA fantasy novel. A girl with a magical pen that makes her art come to life is on a quest to save her father from the evil forces of blankness.

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I want to write things that allow people to escape their problems for a little while. Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction… It doesn’t really matter. I like to write them all. I just want the reader to be able to ‘disappear’ into the story while they are reading it so that they don’t have to think about whatever it is that is bothering them.

When I was young, I had a couple of years in a row where I got pretty sick. One doctor said I had the worst case of Chicken Pox he’d ever seen. I felt pretty miserable, that’s for sure. Another year I had what I was told was the “Russian Flu”. If I were to have that today I would say I had the Norovirus. It was days of puking and diarrhea. If I drank a sip of water, I would puke up a quarter cup of liquid and dry heave for five minutes. My sister ended up in the hospital for dehydration for it. I was a bit luckier and finally responded better to the medications.

But, with those in mind, I found escape in reading. I went into other worlds where, for a while, sometimes only a few minutes at a time, I didn’t think about my current situation. And those moments were priceless to me.

I want to be able to offer those moments to someone who needs them. That’s what I want to write.
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Currently, I am reading a marvellous piece of novel, I say," On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft" by Stephen King

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I only have one serious WIP for now, thank the writing gods.

I...do not actually know how to explain it succinctly unfortunately. YA horror tragedy, I guess? Although with how dark it’s getting I’m not sure where the line for YA vs. adult fiction is or if I’ve already sped over it at several hundred miles per hour cackling manically.

I love it dearly and my planned ending is at least bittersweet, but Lion Hearted Girl is not a nice book. It’s the kind that rips your heart out and stomps on it. Repeatedly.
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

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At the moment I'm doing some organizing on "my baby", a fantasy trilogy that begins in the 90's and will wind up...quite a long time into the future, possibly millennia. Scrivener, naturally, is a huge help in that regard.

And with a little time to myself at last, I should stop posting about it and get to it.


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Fanfic, primarily. Major project is a series I started writing in 2013 called The Sound Of Light. Other primary project is a novelisation of sorts of a mobile game series called Lifeline - the games are best described as interactive fiction/text adventures. I'm focusing on the first game in the series and its two direct sequels.

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surprising enough I'm working on a work related to a riddle like story ... its all suspend and confusion.
looking forward to this.
Trick Questions challenge .