Inciting Incident - how soon is too soon?

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Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:41 pm Post

Opening line inciting incident challenge: make a 3k short story that makes this opening line the inciting incident
no one in particular wrote:As I woke up I heard a voice saying "be still, you've been in a long coma after the accident."

As stated earlier there will almost certainly be a flashback of some kind to show the changes, the before/after growth/decline. It may not be a flashback scene but may be a simple statement of "before". I think it can be done with no flashback but it will make a secondary scene feel more like the incident.

And for the record I've been thinking "how can you do this" since my first reply. I think It's possible. I think it COULD BE powerful. But it my just be seen as an opening line when all is said and done.

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Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:41 am Post

Thank you so much to everyone for providing your thoughts on this. For now I'm going to start my first draft with the inciting incident - my character being dead - right at the very start because I can't see any other logical way to do it (and I'm really pleased with my opening line which came to me while I was out walking one morning). After that, we'll see what happens in revisions.

Thanks again! You all really gave me a lot to ponder.