Bug - erratic scrolling

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Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:07 pm Post

I am trialing Scrivener with the beta version Beta 64-bit 14 Nov 2019 for Windows 10 and have come across an annoying bug.

For a page that is split with Synopsis section on the top part and Notes section below, when I type in the Notes section and text goes beyond the page, the scrolling becomes erratic. I would hit enter and the Notes section would jump up and the bottom few lines become hidden off the page, and I have to scroll down again. Then when I type in a new line again and hit enter key, the Notes section would jump up again and the line I just typed in plus a few others above it would be off screen and I have to scroll down again so I can see what I am typing.

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I couldn't make it do what you said, but I also just pasted 5 paragraphs of lorem ipsem into it. The spellchecker did freak out at that, though:

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Okay, attached file will do it.

Go to the sample script folder.
Then the notes section..
Type something random at the end of the notes e.g.
and so on and the page jumps up and down erratically. Hit enter key and the bottom line(s) disappears down off the page
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Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:19 pm Post

Hi JulesB123,

I am not able to replicate this with the project you uploaded. Are you still experiencing this in the latest beta or has it been resolved for you as well?
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