Enhance fast writing in Scrivener

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in some editors it is supported to write a kind of Slack commands to do formatting.

E.g. writing / shows a list of available formatting style. Hitting enter (e.g. /H2 will apply the style to a line). Although I can use shortcuts and context menu to set/change the style I consider this method much faster.


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Scriveners is basically designed for not doing a lot of formatting while you write, apart from the usual bold/italics/underline. Binder titles are usually used for headings when you compile, so there is really no need for extra shortcuts for headings.
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There are already a number of ways you can directly apply a style:

a) Shortcuts -- cmd-alt-1, 2, 3...9, 0 to apply a style (you can change which style works with which number). Cmd-alt-0 reverts to the default No Style. This is quicker to type than a three letter sequential shortcut (/H2).

b) If you want to select from a list, the cmd-shift-y brings up a menu. Press the first letter of the style you want and it will go to it.

c) Finally, if you want to do a little more, then cmd-s brings up the Style Panel. You have to use the mouse to select here (which I don't like), but it does allow you to modify and redefine styles.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks a lot for your advise.

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If you prefer to write without actually changing styles, you can use markdown syntax instead of the rich text formatting. At compile time, you have a limited number of MMD output types that can be selected.
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