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We're recruiting writers who are looking for an additional source of freelance writing gigs. We've just started a beta launch of, a freelance writer marketplace where you will be able to bid on writing projects. We want this to be your go to source for finding writing gigs. So it would be awesome if you could help build the community and register as a writer. Any help is much appreciated!

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Probably need to provide a link.

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oscarrob wrote:
iris33 wrote:We've just started a beta launch of, a freelance writer marketplace where you will be able to bid on writing projects.

Probably need to provide a link.

Anyone who can't take the (emphasis added by me) domain name above and navigate to it by themselves and has to have a link is probably not technically proficient enough to be the kind of writer they're looking for, I would imagine.
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I'm definitely interested but also I hope the pay is well. I'm tired of people wanting to pay you 2 dollars for 300 words.

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Somehow bidding against every freelance writer in the English-speaking world doesn't seem like a great way to get a rate that would justify the time invested.

And a client who would be satisfied by the results of such a bidding war probably doesn't need the value I add anyway.

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Not much information on site without signing up first either
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i agree with you hom