The New Update Deactivated My licence

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Ever since the recent update my licence has been deactivated and now the program is running on trial mode which is very upsetting for me since I have a lot of work saved on here. I want to reactivate my licence and I even put my email to reactivate my licence. I really want to keep using this app. Did this happen to anyone else?

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Have you searched the forum?

There are at least 10 other threads about this.
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I never experienced the issue discussed in the older threads but since the latest update -- 13th October my license has been completely revoked. It's notable that I've been completely unaffected (or at least any validation problems were unreported to me) prior to As soon as I installed the update I got the problem:

> Scrivener does not have a valid activation.
> Scrivener's activation is no longer valid. This may be because the order has been
> returned, because the license has been blacklisted, or because it was deactivated
> remotely.
> Scrivener will now revert to trial mode.

On attempting to relicense it appears to accept my credentials but shortly thereafter rejects them again, so I'm stuck in trial mode.

I've reached out to support but I wanted to share this here because it's ostensibly different from the 3-month validation issue.

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Honestly, I've stayed on v. 1.9.9, seeing all the activation issues here. I just don't accept the "urgent updates," and I haven't had any problems. I suppose sooner or later I will; I'm hoping v. 3 will be here before then. If the older version's installation file is still around on your computer, you might be able to "downgrade," but I don't know for sure.
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I'm sure it will be fixed before the trials expire, so I'm not worried about the reversion of my license at the moment.

However, there's a also broader issue for me here: before I started looking into my license problem I never realized that Scrivener had a rolling re-activation scheme. If I understand correctly, if the activation servers ever go off line in the future (these things happen) we could lose access to the software.

I'd welcome a statement on measures that L&L would take to protect its customers if this ever happened.

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v. -- 13 Oct 2019
Just died on me with the Licence message.