When exporting from version3 to version2 but with the same file name

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When exporting from a version 3 project same_filename.scriv to a version 2 same_filename.scriv the program freezes and has to be force quit.
The project at this stage is ****ed as the documents files inside the same_filename.scriv/files/data/ folder seem to be lost during the botched transition to the version 2 structure of same_filename.scriv/files/docs
Now I wouldn't call it a bug because the cause of this problem is my own stupidity; The program is even defaulted to automatically append 'v2' to the target filename when exporting to a lower version, but me being an idiot I MANUALLY delete that v2 before clicking on the export button and dig my own grave.
Besides when v3 rolls out for Windows I wouldn't need to export my project to v2 so this isn't a long term issue either (hope v3 for Win comes out soon)
Nevertheless, I wish there was some sort of a sanity check in the export process so idiots like me don't shed tears.

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Thanks for the report. Maybe the hang can be fixed, or a more graceful option implemented (like a hard abort if the project on the disk looks like itself), but it is a kind of odd corner in software terms. Overwriting existing projects should be a valid (if risky) thing to do—and there is already a warning when you try to do that.

Hopefully you’ve found your project backup folder (§5.2.4, Restoring from Backups, in the user manual if not).
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