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While trying to manage and (roughly) equalize the length of each scene/chapter in a novel, the thought occurred that a textual (or better, graphical) display of the relative word counts for all (or specified) documents and folders would be a handy tool. That analysis would be especially valuable with "Show overrun" highlighting included, which I'm eagerly anticipating in the imminent release of 3.x for Win.

On a related note, a macro/scripting language would allow a knowledgeable user to build such a tool. Of course, it would also increase your tech support load exponentially.

Thanks for your dedication and excellent software.
(That's serious appreciation, but a little brown-nosing never hurts, eh?)

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Jon McManus

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Hi Jon,

From Outline view, you can add the Total Word Count column, via the pull down in the upper right of each Editor.

This will provide # of words per document in the Outline view.

If you break your scenes up by document, and then group a chapters worth of scenes within a folder, I think this gives you what you want.

If you're already aware of this and are asking for something different, please clarify. :)

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