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I really like the upgrade.

Any possibility we'll ever get inline tags? I would like this so that I can go right to the specific sentence in a long document.
I am using Dynalist now, which is great, but I'd rather have all my notes in Scrivener.

If we can get this, I would ask for two things with it:
1. a tag pane
2. the ability to compile/print with or without inline tags (like we do with annotations)


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Glad to hear you like the update!

I use a text tagging system within the annotations themselves which are a combination of an identifier string and some status symbols. An example could be:

  • SCI// Here is the content of my concern regarding scientific implausibility with the source text.
  • SCI/- Here is the content of a note which is no longer relevant; I’ve fixed the problem in the text but wish to keep the marker for some reason.
Given the punctuation pattern, I can search for these either one-by-one using the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting... tool, or the main project search (and can then save them as Saved Search Collections for rapid use in the future). Since I mark something as “done” by changing the punctuation mark, a search for “SCI//” looking for all current science problems in the book will only find those notes which are still marked as not having been addressed.

This is something I’ve written about in the past, describing my methods in the hopes they will be of use to others:

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Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:41 pm Post

Thanks so much. I'll try this. --Ray