Quickly creating new document at one higher outline level

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So in my binder, I -- like just about everyone -- often create nested documents:


Two questions:
-Is there an easy way of unindenting something? For example, how do I take Furniture above and make it at the same level of Persons and Places? The only way I know right now is to drag "Furniture" above "Persons"... then it becomes the same level. But I feel like there has to be an easier way.

-Relatedly, right now if I want to create a document under "Places" called "Paris," and then I want to create a document called "Animals" which is one level higher -- that is, again, at the level of "Persons" and "Places," I have to create that and drag it. Is there some extremely easy way to simply, with a click of a key, tell Scrivener that I want the next document to be one level higher?


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The “move” icons, which you can add to the toolbar, might help.

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You can also use the shortcut keys cmd-ctl-left arrow / right arrow / up / down to move items in the binder -- very useful -- NB the focus must be in the Binder for them to do this.

So to take your example: <cmd-n> type Animals <cmd-ctl-left arrow> will do what you want. (You don't even have to press Enter after you've typed Animals.)

If the focus is in the Editor, then the same keys will Indent / Outdent / Move Up / Move Down the current paragraph. Also very useful...

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Perfect -- these are just the tips I was looking for. Thanks so much!!