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Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:16 pm Post

When Apple's archive utility app completes an operation it will cause the system finder to display the file in the system finder. It would be nice if when closing a scrivener project, Scrivener could ask the system finder to display the last closed .scriv package in the system finder.

This is low priority request, but it would make my workflow a little easier.

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Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:27 pm Post

Are you just looking for a way to locate the project you are working on? If so you don’t need any special features for that, nearly every document-based window on a Mac lets you right-click in the title area at the very top of the window to access a path list. Select the folder directly below the project to open the folder in Finder and highlight the project.
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Yes, I know that I can ask the system to display the location of the project while it is open, but there are times when I would like the finder to automatically show the project when I close it.

1. When I have made changes which necessitate a change in the system tag for the .scriv package.

2. When I am completely finished with the project and desire to archive the project.

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Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:20 am Post

Hi, shewmaker,

Fellow Scriv user here. I am not sure this helps, but...

1) I have been in the habit of keeping all my Scrivener projects in a central location in a single folder (or subfolder thereof). I don't think I expected I would continue working that way indefinitely, but it has continued to serve me for many years now. I have an alias to this master Scrivenings folder in my Finder binder, so flipping to it is super easy from the Finder at all times. This might be something to consider.

2) Still, I wonder why you wouldn't (in the way AmberV suggested) just ask to have the project displayed in the Finder just before you closed it?

3) I wonder if you are perhaps making many small projects. This might explain why you are making those moves a lot in your workflow. So, another thought is to reconsider whether you really need to make so many separate projects. Scrivener projects are nothing if not capacious.