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Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:21 pm Post

I've searched around and haven't quite found the same request, but there is a fair amount of discussion. Sometimes it is hard to tell what people need, so I maybe redundant here, apologies in advance.

When spell checking I want to add words (real time or in batch) that I've made up for my manuscript, even if they are already in the spell checker. Character names, place names, idioms, etc.

These terms should then be part of the spell checking system.

It should be possible to quickly generate a list of these words/terms. This is not exactly the same list as "learn spelling" words. "Learn spelling" may simply be the dictionary not knowing something, and that is a sandbox matter. I'm talking about a list that will be handled as part of the spell checking, but also, as a project specific list that can be used as well to generate a glossary, or a simple list of notes for internal use to remember what the heck I was thinking when I named somebody something odd, or whatever.

I'd like this list to be isolated to the project it is created in. I don't want to create a term that is like a misspelled word, that will then be counted as a correctly spelled word from then on in all other projects, or worse, in all other spell checking in all software forever.

At the same time I'd like the list to be isolated by project, I'd also like to transfer/merge the list into other projects.

There are workarounds for much of this, but it seems that making up terms and keeping track of them in this unique way is a sufficiently common problem for writers that it might be a good idea to have enhanced control and functionality.