first book, happy but nervous

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hello hello hello there, Carrot Stick here! ^^
New to Scrivener and so far, i find it to be absolute love <3 it's really fun to play with, and it seems like there's always something to do. So money well spent, yea?
my first book is out (omg omg omg, i'm shaking so much, i'm practically standing still)

Escape from Insanity out on Amazon and Nook 2.99 *cough* also in paperback *cough* (woot woot! \(^o^)/ )

i think i'm nervous about being understood, but i'm happy i got it out there! > : D
well, alrighty then. Jaa~ ^^

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Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:02 pm Post

Congratulations! :D
Complete and utter NOMsense.

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Congratulations, but remember that you are now also into advertising and sales.
So, provide us with a LINK and drive us to your book's page:
There you go, some free PR and no finder's fee. ;-)

Good Luck!

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Fri May 02, 2014 5:30 pm Post

Congratulations - always a great, but scary moment. Promotion is the next hurdle, but I'm sure you'll get tips from than here on the community.