Scrivener Back Up On the Mac App Store

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Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:31 am Post

Well that is most generous, thank you. It is more that I hadn't explained myself well that concerned me! Off to Apple support it is then!



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Just a quick note: the twice in the past I have requested a refund from Apple for apps (admittedly for iOS ones), they were provided when a reasonable explanation was offered. The one sticking point I found was that they refunded as credit to my Mac store account rather then money back onto the card I paid with.

This might be because they were under a certain cost threshold, or because I didn't think to ask for a direct-to-card refund, or just Apple Australia doing things slightly differently, but if you don't want mac store credit from the refund instead of actual money, you might want to put something in your refund request to that effect, just in case.

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Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:19 am Post

Okay, we are back up. In order to pass Apple's review process, we have had to alter a couple of things:

1. MultiMarkdown is no longer bundled with the App Store version of Scrivener, so MultiMarkdown -> LaTeX etc won't appear in the Compile formats. However, you can install MultiMarkdown separately - if you need it, just download and install it from:

Also install any support files (LaTeX XSLTs etc). As long as you have a full MMD install, Scrivener will still show all the MMD options in the Compile menu and can carry on using it - it just needs to be installed separately now.

2. You will most likely be prompted to point Scrivener to a backups folder when you first launch 2.4.1 on the App Store. This is because we are no longer allowed to set up a default location for the backup folder without asking the user permission. The same applies for the scratch pad, but you will be prompted for that location only when you first open the scratch pad window.

Thanks to all our Mac App Store users for their patience!

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