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Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:54 am Post

Hello, so as a scrivener ipad version is far away, PLEASE make it more easy to sync text files. The BIG problem (not only in that context) are the non-unique folder names. I really cannot imagine it would be a big deal development-wise to let the user (who actually pays you) choose a folder name for the drafts and notes that contains the project name. PLEASE.

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:30 pm Post

Sorry, but there are no plans for this at the moment, as we have already discussed with you in this thread, where we have already taken the time to explain the reasons behind the current behaviour:


IRJH wrote:the user (who actually pays you)

Please note that you buy the software as-is, and this is clearly specified in the licence you agreed to when first installing - you are not paying me to implement features on-demand (I would cost a lot more than $45!), but for a piece of software you have had time to evaluate. While Scrivener is always in development and I seriously consider all user suggestions and feedback, obviously it is impossible to fulfil every wish of every user, for practical, technical and design reasons. (Incidentally, I pay Levi's for my jeans, but I've never returned to the store and demanded they sew on an extra pocket. :) )

Thanks for your understanding.

Also, note that an iPad version isn't completely ruled out - far from it.

Seeing as this is a duplicate of a wish you have already posted, I am closing this thread - please continue the discussion in the original thread you started.
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