Jefferson Bible

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A book I can recommend for bedtime reading is the _Jefferson Bible_. This is a pamphlet of selections from the New Testament made by Thomas Jefferson, which he’d considered to be true religion. This is the only version of the Bible that I can personally bear to read. On numerous occasions I have attempted to read the Bible because I’d felt that as a writer it would help me to be acquainted with this influence. Always the same thing happens. After a few hours of reading I reconsider. This is a book I am literally unable to read! Another book I am unable to read is _The Protocols of Zion_. Actually there are a number of books I am unable to read because they bum me out, but the Bible is the worst! The _Jefferson Bible_ is different, however. I can read this one. It doesn’t bum me out at all. I even agree with it.


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Thank you for this review. I also like this type of book.