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the psychoanalyst

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Rob Kievit
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I recently devoured Robin Sloan's Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore (2012), which has everything: love story, Dan Brown-ish angles, endearing characters, mystery, technology, whodunnit...

Also, John Banville, The Sea (2005). Masterfully told story about an innocent childhood seen from old age, which turns out to have been not so innocent.

And, to be on topic, currently reading Midwinter Break by Bernard McLaverty. A happy old couple go on a city trip to Amsterdam. They're not so happy, though.

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At the moment I'm reading The Jewish-Japanese Sex and Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves by Jack Douglas. This singularly titled little gem turned up in one of my library-themed social media feeds and when I found our system had one lone copy, I put a hold on it. Mostly so I could enjoy the expressions on my co-workers' faces when it came in. :mrgreen:

However, it's proving to be an entertaining humorous read, about the author's life in rural Connecticut in the early Seventies, and his experiences with exotic pets. Since I seem to be in a bit of a "reader's block" phase at the moment, the departure may do me a lot of good.

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I am currently reading overlord manga and This is my favorite manga.
I am reading perfect half manga at mangasee and This is my favorite manga.

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El Camino Hacia La Felicidad - Anthony De Mello

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Mi visión del mundo Libro de Albert Einstein