Justifying text in the compilation

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I have just tried to compile my chapters in a way that the text is justified.
I have assigned the sections and I see that I make changes in the correct place, because when I attempt to make the text italicized it has the desired effect after the compile. So I know I'm changing the correct variable. But every time I set the text to be justified, it is aligned to the left instead. It seems the problem is only with this one button.

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried one of these two methods:
1) used the "As Is" Section Layout?
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2) Changed the section layout formatting to justify the text?
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I did not use the "As is" function, because I do want the compiler to edit the text.

I did try use the second option, I changed the section layout to justify the text and in the preview in the compiler it seemed like it worked. However, after the compiler ran, the text was still left-aligned, as if nothing was changed. That is the reason for my question here, because I don't know what I did wrong and all seemed to work, but then it didn't.

Also, thank you for your reply.

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You change justification in the same place in compile settings where you change font etc for one of the layouts.

Double-click the layout you choose (the upper image from the previous poster)
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