[RC 6] Incorrect word count

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Thu May 28, 2020 2:15 pm Post

When compiling a document, I have defined folders to supply only their title, not their text. Files supply both.

The compiled document correctly displays, showing only the title from the Folder (Chapter Heading) but the text and title from the Files. (Scenes)

The word count variable, however, counts all the text in both files and folders, regardless of whether they are displayed in the final compiled document or not. This is incorrect. The word count displayed on my title page should reflect only words present in the compiled document.

You can test this by setting up a test project with text in both files and folders, deselect the text from folders, (see example below) and compile. The word count will be the same, whether the Folder text is deselected or not.

PS: Make sure to include the title page in your test compile, so that the word count variable is displayed.

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