RC2 (and about what is a release candidate)

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Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:17 am Post

Shouldn't a RC be for finding last bugs ? There are quite a few allreadt reported...


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It seems that for every one of you, there are several who insist that this program is actually ready for full release, and fret over every beta version that doesn't seem to indicate that the program is about to be considered done.

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Can I come live on your planet where released software has ZERO bugs. Sounds wonderful!!!

RC means that it doesn't ship with known serious bugs and planned features are in place.
It has never denoted perfection.. yes soon you will have to pay for this.. I already have.,

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There will come a day when software will come out perfect with no flaws and exactly what was requested as developers take out the one problem that hampers its all---humans and their in-perfections.
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jljovano wrote:Shouldn't a RC be for finding last bugs ? There are quite a few allreadt reported...


I don't believe it is possible to assign multiple style types to a single line of text even in the Mac version.

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Also, many fixed width fonts don't have an italics typeface, so your emphasis couldn't be applied to them simultaneously anyway, and if the emphasis style doesn't change the font, you won't get italics on any text where the font lacks an italics.

This is assuming that the Windows version of Scrivener works like it does on the Mac, where it relies on the fonts to supply bold and italic variants instead of "faking" it the way Word does.
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Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:26 pm Post

A general comment: indeed I think this choice to go to RC and then release now reflects considerable judgement (and listening!!) with this Scrivener community. Compliments Tiho and Lee, as ever.

A related situation: Affinity has continued their rapid release/beta progress, and I noticed something interesting about it.

I just got the next-Beta of Photo and Designer, less than a week after a fresh public release of those two and Publisher.

Not for the first time, there are fixes in this quick turnaround that I would say are pretty serious -- and didn't get waited for, so that teh public release had them.

This is evidence would feel also of a judgement process. The release would have a level of testing, and the late fixes, which probably came from relaxed tension in _producing_ that release, would not have that testing.

Ergo -- and some idea what Lee and Tiho definitely have been thinking about, in choosing all their release points.

I'm happy enough they're getting to a release so persons will relax -- and would like those persons to realize, that as others have said above, _real_ software is never fully perfect, and in fact that a consistency of a periodic stream of releases is far the best way to get the best possible into your hands as it becomes ready.

Thanks to the team.