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Atadreanar wrote:To be honest it would be quicker for you to just amend the composition mode colours and then save your 'light' theme.

If you start with the default you can alter composition mode colours as follows:

File > Options> Appearance> Colors > Composition Mode.

Then change the colours for:

Editor (page Colour)

Text (.. Text colour)

then Ok.

to save this so you can reload it if ever you need to.

Go to File > Manage > Save options / Save Theme to file.

Once saved this will allow you to import back if ever you need.

I think Options ill adjust the theme settings but not change (so you could end up with Dark mode with light colours?)

whereas the theme will create a new theme - I've never used the theme method though.

Anyway, while I appreciate its "tinkering" with settings. It would be far quicker - the only thing to note though is if you change the text colours from the default in the document itself it doesn't seem to update in composition mode. Not an issue if both composition and non-composition have the same text colour though.

Thanks for this, it is quite helpful! I was looking for dark mode settings. I think this might work for me.