Synopsis image not saving

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When an image is put into the synopsis card rather than text, the image is not saved on closing. The image is missing when next the project is opened.

In previous betas, when I put the image in a second time, it would usually retain it, but in the current beta the image is not being saved at all. I've tried different things like clicking to a different document before closing or clicking on "Save" instead of just relying on it automatically saving when the program is closed, but these haven't made a difference.

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Hi Templetont,

Is there a specific image or image format that is not saving for you or is it all images?
Bryan Bender

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It's all images. I'm using JPEG images but also tested PNG. Problem continues with version 32. Thanks.

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I'm not seeing this issue here but wonder if it isn't a corrupted project (especially if it is a 1.9.x project converted to the new project format). I haven't tested that yet. Maybe try the save and rebuild search indexes?
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