Compiling to Word with "Styles" not working

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Per kewms suggestion in this thread: I', posting this again, here:

I've been having trouble figuring out how to export with styles in Windows (so I can use docx to plug into inDesign). So I tried what nontroppo suggested.

nontroppo wrote:You must do this manually in your Compile format. You set up your Heading 1-3 styles in the Compile Style Editor pane, and then you use these styles in the Compile Section Layout Editor pane.

This is the result in Word's document map:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 09.42.13.png

See a test project that demonstrates this here


I downloaded the project, Unziped it, Opened it. Without touching anything, compiled it as docx using the "ModernPart-Chapter-Scene" Format, and the result was no styles (just font, size, and I assume, color). No document map.


I noted the zip file had a "__MACOSX" folder, so my guess is that this is a Windows bug.

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Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. This should now be correctly implemented in the current beta version. Are you still experiencing a problem with this?

Thank you for your help with this issue.
Bryan Bender