[LH4700] "Export Files" saves to a truncated filename that does not match the one shown in its screen prompt

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Mon May 21, 2018 7:28 pm Post

This bug emerges when exporting a doc whose name contains a period. If we select doc "A. A. Milne" for export, we'll get a prompt like this:
MilneExport.png (13.29 KiB) Viewed 1040 times

But when we actually click Export, the file created will be truncated at the first period: A.rtf, If A.rtf already exists, it'll be overwritten without a warning prompt. If several of our selected docs have names beginning with "A." each new one will overwrite its predecessor without a warning prompt.

Note that if we attempt to export a doc simply called "A" we will get a warning prompt if A.rtf already exists, because in that case the existence test matches the file to be created (as well as the name shown in the Export prompt.)

Previously reported for v., this bug persists in Beta and really needs a tracking # and repair.

Export to file prompts using wrong filename, truncates at first period

Rgds -- Jerome